In the year 2017, if you manage to get a virus due to your browsing habits online, you’re doing something egregiously wrong. Luckily, by modifying your behavior, viruses are completely preventable. Here, Deedoc’s technicians have compiled a list of preventative measures to help ensure you never get another virus again.

  1. Use Google chrome as your default browser: Chrome’s built in protection features are some of the best available.
  2. Install Ublock Origin: At the time of this post, Ublock is the best pop-up blocker available. It also blocks all advertisements on Youtube and other sites.
  3. Don’t click on banner ads or pop-up adds: Just don’t. If you’re interested in a certain product or deal, Google it independently and see what you can find.
  4. Clear your browser’s history regularly: This clears information and cookies that have accumulated overtime.
  5. Download from trusted locations only: If you are downloading a program or other piece of software, it is always advisable to try to download it from the developer’s site as opposed to a download service. Many of these services install their own download managers, and can infect your browser with adware.


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