In today’s fast-paced world of technology, it’s no secret that you need a login and password for just about everything from booking a hotel online to doing your online banking. Unfortunately, because of this most of us get overwhelmed by all of this information we are asked to generate and remember. The effect is most people end up making poor passwords and using those for as many accounts as possible and this is just what cybercriminals are counting on, now they only need to crack one poor password and bingo, they have access to all of your accounts. With all of the news headlines about companies being hacked and information being leaked, the majority of these incidents could have been avoided if only the person in charge would have followed the security policy put in place by the people who understand these types of threats and that is what we are going to focus on in this article, a password security policy. The tips below will ensure your accounts stay as secure as possible.

1. Use a different password for each of your accounts.

2. Use a mix of capital and lowercase letters with special characters and numbers when generating passwords. You could also use a secure password generator such as

3. Use the maximum number of characters the website will allow for passwords.

4. Do not allow web browsers to save passwords.

5. Do not save passwords in a text document.

6. Do not carry a printed list of your passwords.

7. Do not divulge your passwords to anyone.

Now if you have followed the steps above and hardened your accounts security you are probably asking yourself how will I keep track of all of these numerous long complex passwords and the answer to that is a password safe. These programs encrypt and store your passwords and login details and only require you to remember one password to access all of your information. Once you are logged into the password safe all you have to do is select the login you are looking for and the program will allow you to paste your credentials at the site login page, some password safe programs will auto fill in your credentials if you choose to let them there are many available for free online a simple google will show you your options I recommend and use Keepass there is even a KeePass app for your phone and a portable version you can put on a USB flash drive so you can always have access to your logins and passwords.

We at DeeDoc hope you enjoyed what is the first of many helpful articles on various I.T., Networking, and Security related subjects.


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